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Holiday Happenings

*Peeps around the corner* Oh, Hi! You still there? Good! I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever! Thanksgiving went by and now we’re prepping for Christmas. This time of year can get hectic, but I’ll try to keep up! 

I’ll be providing more meal ideas this week, but for now check out our tree! We always have an artificial tree, and this year my husband suggested getting a new one. This one was on sale at Lowe’s, so he couldn’t resist! 

This pre-lit tree was the easiest we’ve ever assembled since there were only a few pieces. The layers open like an umbrella!

Another great thing about this tree…it has the option for white or multi-color lights. 

I prefer the white lights, but the guys like all the colors. They out-voted me, so I guess you know how this tree will be primarily displayed! Lol 

On to mood setting…because you MUST have music and beverages to get in the Holiday spirit, right? Well, it helps ME! 

I’ve been wanting to make Apple Cider mimosas, but I keep forgetting to get cider. I improvised with this, but I’ll get that cider soon! 

Finally, I’ve listened to these albums so far, but there are SO many more to enjoy this season!

This is the first year we’ve decorated this early, and definitely the first one we’ll have THREE trees plus all the other wreaths, etc. I think I’m feeling more spirited this year because our son is old enough to help and will likely remember these special moments. I want him to have fond memories of our family traditions.

What are some of your holiday traditions?

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