Homemaker Happy Hour

National Vodka Day

Well, well, well…they really DO have a holiday for everything. October just keeps getting better! I don’t need a reason to enjoy beverages, but I’m happy to celebrate the occasion.

According to their website, today is National Vodka Day. As you can see, I like vodka well enough.

A sample of my vodka collection. I forgot about the one in the pantry and in the freezer.

How can I NOT like vodka though? It’s such a versatile spirit! You can pour a little in almost anything, it’s great for shots, and it’s one of the few liquors that won’t tell the folks around you that you’re drinking because of the smell!

I like to keep things simple, and honestly I’ve recently gained an appreciation for allowing the vodka to “stand alone” so to speak. Here are a few of my favorite ways to drink vodka:

  • Shots … I keep a bottle of Pinnacle Whipped in the freezer.
  • Vodka & Water … Yes, I’m hardcore.
  • Vodka Gimlet … Check my Pinterest for recipes, but it’s just vodka, lime juice, & simple syrup.


What’s your favorite way to drink vodka? Let me know in the comments!

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