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Breakfast Essentials

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I haven’t always enjoyed it. I think it’s because you’re technically supposed to eat it before 8 a.m.

Since I’m at home now, I don’t get up as early and therefore eat breakfast a bit later. I can definitely handle a big breakfast around 9:00. I always make sure the boy has a banana and/or yogurt as soon as he wakes up, and that snack gives me time to make something bigger.

While the menu may vary some, two things are essential in my house…grits and eggs. My husband grew up with this kind of breakfast, so I’ve been *ahem* encouraged to do the same.


The meat and bread item tends to change depending on what’s in the house, and sometimes I get fancy with an omelet. We still have grits and (usually) scrambled eggs. Here are a few of my tips:

  • Follow the instructions on the back of the grits bag/box! Lol  I add salt and butter to the water, bring to a boil, add grits, and simmer for the time it says. Yes, I set a timer!
  • Here’s where we may disagree…but this is MY breakfast so adjust as needed. After the allotted time, stir in pepper and shredded cheese. Done. Add a splash of milk if you need to stretch it a bit.
  • Assuming you’re not using the same skillet you cooked your bacon in (like I tend to do), melt some butter in a non-stick skillet, then turn it to medium/low. Add the beaten eggs and let them slowly cook. Keep an eye on them and scrape the bottom of the skillet often to turn the eggs. You don’t want an omelet, but you do want fluffy eggs.
  • After the eggs are almost finished, add salt & pepper. I guess if you’re feeling really cheesy, fold in some shredded cheese too.

Well, that’s what’s happening on MY stove! What about you? What are your breakfast essentials?


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