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Lunch: We Have Food at Home

Do you like burritos? I LOVE burritos! I really enjoy all of the options at those “pick your ingredients” fast-casual restaurants, but those places aren’t always convenient for me.

First, I don’t live very close to one of those places. Second, I’d have to get out of the car to order and/or get my food. Third, we have food at home! I love grocery shopping, so chances are I already have the ingredients for a great burrito. You might too!

One day this week, I made chicken burritos for lunch. Here’s what I used:

  • Leftover seasoned ground chicken & kidney beans
  • White rice
  • Sauteed onions & green bell peppers
  • Spinach wraps
  • Shredded cheese
  • Jalapenos, Salsa, & Sour Cream

Although most of the ingredients were hot, I still needed to heat the tortilla to help it stretch. Therefore, I assembled the burritos on a plate then microwaved for 30 seconds. Next, I added the cold ingredients and rolled it up.

Since I forgot to add the sour cream inside, I just put it on the side for dipping.


This was a lunch the whole family enjoyed…and we didn’t have to drive to get it!

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