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Game-Day Dinner

I live in the South, so Saturdays in the Fall mean Football. My husband has had football playing all day…even when he was outside working on a project. While I enjoyed being able to leave the kid with him this afternoon, I knew I had to cook dinner. Enter, the game-day dinner — Pizza and Nachos.

I went to the store today, so this meal was semi-homemade. I heated one of those “take & bake” pizzas and make a quick meat/bean mixture for the nachos. Here’s how:

I preset my oven for 400 degrees per the pizza box instructions and started on the sink of dishes.


Once the temperature was right, I popped the pizza in, set my timer for 18 minutes, then started on the ground chicken.

I browned the chicken, then added salt, pepper, the kidney beans, and taco seasoning. I like to follow directions, so I added 2/3 cup of water, brought the mixture to a boil, then simmered uncovered for 4 minutes…like the back of the seasoning package says.

By the time the chicken/bean mixture was finished simmering, the pizza was ready and I was finished with the dishes. #Winning Time to take the pizza out and assemble the nachos.

If you want to add an extra touch to your pizza, sprinkle a little salt and oregano over the top like I did. 😎

Lately I’ve been assembling nachos on a sheet pan and melting the cheese in the oven. However, that requires getting extra close and sharing with my family. Not today. Not while football is on. Today, we get individual servings!

Since the nachos were in bowls, I microwaved until the cheese was melted. Then I added salsa and sour cream. Should have added jalapenos, but I decided against it.

Obviously, no game-day meal would be complete without a beverage. I made the man a simple Jack & Cranberry, but *I* had rum punch from a dispenser bag!


Pretty good for a bag! I know I’ll be enjoying it for the rest of the week.

So, I made pizza, nachos, drinks, AND washed dishes in under an hour. Sounds like a game-day win to me!

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