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Easy, Healthy Dinner: Salmon & Veggies

Some days I have plenty of time to prepare a meal for my family, but other days I have a full schedule outside of the house and dinner has to be quick.  Luckily, quick doesn’t have to mean unhealthy.  Here’s what I made on one of my busy days.

There are three elements to this easy, quick, minimal clean-up meal:

  1. Frozen Fish
  2. Fresh Veggies
  3. A Hot Oven

I try to keep some type of fish in the freezer, and this time I had salmon.  Of course, if you have fresh salmon you don’t have to thaw yours. In my case, I thawed the individually packed pieces of salmon in some water while the oven heated to 400 degrees.


While the fish was getting ready, I washed and cut some fresh green beans and broccoli.  I don’t usually prepare these veggies together, but I wanted to do something different and really fill the plate.  Next, I lined a baking sheet with foil and added olive oil, the veggies, salt & pepper.


When the oven temperature was right, I set the veggies to roast for 30 minutes.  During this time I sliced some grape tomatoes to saute for a salmon topping.  In a small pan with olive oil, I seasoned the tomatoes with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning. The tomatoes only cooked for a few minutes and I removed them from heat so they would maintain some firmness.

By now the salmon was thawed, and ready to be rinsed and seasoned.  I used the same seasoning mixture as the tomatoes, then added them to the oven for the last 12 minutes (remember the timer was set for 30 minutes).

So, within 30 minutes (plus pre-heating time) the whole meal was finished! It was easy, healthy, and tasty.

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