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I had a short list, so my store run should have only taken a few minutes. I was wrong! Lol I got caught up in Dollar General and found all kinds of goodies.

Before I left home, my husband urged me to look through the sales papers and coupons. As expected, I found coupons for most of the items on my list. In fact, I need to look back through those coupons and clip a few more! I’ve never been really good about couponing, but I try every now and then.

I saved $2 on each of these items.

Over the years, I’ve gone back and forth between using the popular name brand products that have classic, fresh fragrances and the large-bottled value brands. When I first became a mom, I even switched to the detergent pods for convenience.

Lately, I’ve been buying both…the huge bottle of detergent that costs $5 or less, AND a smaller bottle or pack of more expensive detergent. I also like to “layer on the freshness” by adding scent boosters and fabric softener. I determine which detergent to use depending on the clothes I’m washing. I really don’t think my husband’s softball clothes need all the extra fun smells…he just needs the funk and dirt removed…so value brand it is!

These bottles were $2 each.

Speaking of value, I saved money on these vitamins! I know this isn’t news to most people, but hear me out. When one gets to a certain age, dietary supplements may become super helpful if not necessary. This summer I started taking specialized vitamins from a subscription service. The bottles seemed reasonably priced at the time, but when I ran out I decided to explore other options.

Buying these bottles in my neighborhood store was actually more convenient than waiting for ones to be shipped. Plus, I saved $8/bottle and the cost of shipping!

You may also know this, but I’m AMAZED by the variety of grocery items Dollar General sells! None of these things were on my list, but I couldn’t resist the price of these convenience items. Our family is changing our daily routine this week, so we’ll need some quick & easy meal options. Two of my yogurts aren’t pictured, but all these items totaled $17.99!

I used coupons on a couple of other items, like diapers and other toiletries, so this trip was pretty productive.

Do you take advantage of coupons? Let me know in the comments!

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