Meal Ideas

Salmon Galore

Just like everybody else, I’m trying to try again…so here come all the healthy meals! lol Not to worry though…you know I like to keep the flavor on point! The salmon I paired with my Vegan Green Beans didn’t disappoint!

I purchased this salmon from Sam’s. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Sam’s Club? Well, I do!!!!! I love buying in bulk…spices, cereal, juice, meat, YOU NAME IT! Their $1.50 hot dog combo doesn’t hurt either!

Forget the hot dogs for now, I’m trying to eat less “meat” so I’m buying more seafood. This huge piece of salmon was just what I needed. I usually wince at the price, but I was smart enough to make sure I wouldn’t waste any of it by cutting it into pieces.

Ooooooh, so pretty!!!

I bagged some of the salmon to freeze for later and prepped the rest for a meal.

Because I rarely prepare fresh salmon, I always refer to some cooking instructions I got from one of those meal subscription boxes. I only got that one box, but the tips I learned have lasted a long time!

Yes, I followed these directions…and it came out PERFECTLY! Seriously, try this if you don’t already use this method. I usually bake my salmon, but I like this SO much more. The flavor and texture are amazing!!!

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