Seafood Market

I may have mentioned it before, but my husband LOVES seafood! He enjoys seafood of all kinds, but his favorite is shrimp. He’s from a small town in Alabama that’s maybe 10 minutes away from the Florida state line, so I suppose growing up so close to the Gulf Coast contributed to this love. Since we were visiting his parents this week, we made the one-hour trip to Pensacola (FL) to get shrimp from our favorite seafood market!

Joe Patti’s Seafood has fresh seafood, a specialty food market, a sushi bar…wine, beer, coffee, gelato…and more! lol I honestly haven’t made it past the seafood section most visits because they’re usually PACKED and we try to get in and out. It’s one of those places where you should definitely look around before ordering so that you can be efficient once your number is called…yes, you pull a number! I’m from Northeast Alabama, so forgive me if this is standard for most seafood markets! lol I’ve been to a few others, and none are quite like Joe Patti’s. If you’re ever in Pensacola, go visit!

Here are a few photos to kind of give you the experience. We went shopping at the beginning of the day (7:30 a.m.), so there weren’t as many people in there as I’m used to seeing, but there was still a nice crowd.

We got several pounds of shrimp, a few fish, and some oysters before heading to another seafood market a mile or so down the road. My husband’s mom likes to frequent Maria’s Fresh Seafood Market, so we wanted to check out what they had too!

The selection was about the same give or take a few items, but Maria’s is a smaller market. We ended up getting a red snapper.

Here’s our haul:

Medium Shrimp | Heads On
Extra Large Shrimp | Heads On
Royal Reds
Red Snapper | Filleted with the head and backbone removed

I like to separate the shrimp into meal-sized portions and freeze until we need them. Of course, like a kid on Christmas, I had to prepare some of the shrimp right away! My next post features about a pound of the medium shrimp. I can’t wait to dig into the other bags!

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