Life Update


Long time, no post! I think we last left off in the Spring of 2021. Whew!

Since that time things have been mostly the same, but very different. Funny how daily activities can remain consistent while major life changes are happening. I’m still cooking daily, but I haven’t really been inspired to take pictures and document my process. Here are a few shots of some meals:

Family Highlights

  • April 2021 – I quit my part-time job
  • July 2021 – My husband’s father passed away
  • August 2021 – The Boy started Pre-K
  • November 2021 – We finally closed on some recreational land (been looking since 2018ish)
  • January 2022 – The Boy started playing basketball
  • March 2022 – The Boy started playing baseball
  • March 2022 – We welcomed our daughter (The Girl)

Ah, yes! I buried the exciting news! lol We’re super happy to have our newest baby in the family…especially since The Boy has been asking for a sister since 2020!

You see, conceiving children hasn’t been very easy for us. The first go-round I had to have some fibroids removed to clear the way. This second time took muuuuuch longer. After trying alone for over a year, we sought out a fertility specialist in 2020. Then the pandemic hit and we put a pause on things for a few months. After starting the doctor visits again…a few months of “trying on our own” with monitoring…seven IUI’s later, we conceived our baby girl in July of 2021.

We’re adjusting to life as a family of four quite well, but things are obviously a bit different with an infant in the house. Sometimes she’ll sit in the high chair and watch me cook, and other times I have to hold her in my arms or the baby carrier. Somehow I still manage to make meals happen throughout the day! Did I mention my husband is working from home full-time?! Whew!

School starts again next week, so maybe…MAYBE…I’ll have a bit more time to post again. *fingers crossed*

Thanks for hanging in there with me!


Seafood Market

I may have mentioned it before, but my husband LOVES seafood! He enjoys seafood of all kinds, but his favorite is shrimp. He’s from a small town in Alabama that’s maybe 10 minutes away from the Florida state line, so I suppose growing up so close to the Gulf Coast contributed to this love. Since we were visiting his parents this week, we made the one-hour trip to Pensacola (FL) to get shrimp from our favorite seafood market!

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Meal Ideas

Teriyaki Chicken Tenders

One of my favorite mall food court meals is from the Chinese restaurant. Pizza is fine, and fries are always nice…but there’s nothing quite like getting that combo with two meats, fried rice, and an egg roll! These days I rarely go to the mall, and even more rarely go to the food court for my favorite treat. That’s why I needed to recreate that delicious Teriyaki chicken at home!

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Meal Ideas

Frying Alternatives

We all enjoy fried food, right? If you choose to prepare fried food, how many of you enjoy that fried food smell that’s left in your kitchen? *crickets* Exactly, that’s definitely not my favorite part. Oh, there’s also that whole thing about fried foods not being the healthiest…but honestly that hasn’t been my main concern! lol Whatever the reason, I think it’s good to have some cooking alternatives that can rival frying.

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