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Quick Banana Pudding

Do you like banana pudding? I’ve found that most people either totally love it or totally hate it. Some people don’t like bananas, for others it’s a texture thing. Well, my house is half and half. As you may have guessed, I enjoy nearly ALL foods! lol However, my husband doesn’t care for any puddings (he’s really missing out on bread pudding…shame) or Jello (again…Jello shots?!). Luckily, our son seems to be siding with me and enjoying pudding/jello/yogurt items. Hooray! Now I can make certain things without feeling bad for just making them for myself! lol

I mostly shop at Aldi, and my store rarely has vanilla wafers, but suddenly they were in stock! I knew I had to make banana pudding. I always buy bananas, so we might as well go all the way, right? Plus, the instant pudding mix insured that I’d be able to make my sweet treat and eat it pretty soon after.

Just a few ingredients…just how I like it!

I know, I know…this doesn’t look like enough ingredients to make REAL banana pudding. Listen, as Tabitha Brown says, “That’s my business!” No really, I’ve made the traditional banana pudding where you cook the custard and bake to brown the meringue. I’ve also prepared the kind with boxed pudding and Chessmen cookies. As a matter of fact, preparing these two recipes was an early way that I attempted to impress my father-in-law. It worked…banana pudding was one of his favs.

Remember, this house doesn’t NEED a lot of this dessert, so I went with individual servings. Your situation may be the same, so check this out:


  • Ramekins or other small bowls (4)
  • Bananas (I used 1.5)
  • Instant Pudding Mix (1 box)
  • Vanilla Wafers
  • Whipped Cream

Mix the instant pudding according to the instructions. (I whisked by hand for a little workout! lol) While the pudding is thickening, line the ramekins with vanilla wafers and top with some banana slices. Scoop in some pudding, then layer more wafers, bananas, and the final layer of pudding.

Add a little whipped cream at the end if you’d like, but it’s still good if you leave it off. Definitely top the desserts with a wafer because it’s cute! lol

Yep, that’s what you think it is. A random pan with a lid that I saved from one of the Summer BBQs…we recycle AND upcycle around here! 😉 I couldn’t just let those cute little cups sit in the refrigerator all out in the open, especially with a 5-year-old around, so this was perfect!

Now, I said this recipe was quick because I prepared it in maybe 15 minutes. You COULD eat it after an hour or two like I did, but it’s even BETTER the next day! You really want to give the wafers time to get soft in the pudding.

Let me know if you make this!

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