Homemaker Happy Hour

Wine…The Easy Choice

I always thought the memes and shirts were exaggerating when they talked about moms loving coffee and wine. Oh boy was I wrong. I totally understand the need for both now.

I nursed my son for 18 months, so I was pretty careful about what I drank. I tried to stick to water and some juice, but after a while I gave in. I had to have my coffee…and wine.

I’m an equal opportunity drinker, but wine became the easier beverage to drink after I had a baby. No, I’m not saying my body rejected other alcohols. I’m saying wine is more ACCESSIBLE!

Do you realize how odd it looks to have a baby strapped to you in a liquor store?! (Don’t ask me how I know…) Wine is sold at the grocery store. Moms are usually at the grocery store at least once a week. Since we’re there, we might as well pick up wine. Right? Right.

Also, wine requires very little prep. All you need is the bottle, a corkscrew, and a glass. Actually, two of those items are optional if you skip the glass and have a twist-off cap. #DrinkingHack

I used to be an aspiring wine snob. Now, not so much. When I was pregnant I vowed to drink whatever tasted good…pairings and seasons be damned! Lol I’m good with the Cabernet Savignon and Pinot Grigio that costs under $3…from the grocery store.

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