Continuous Cleanup

The (Closet) Purge

Happy October!

This month is always super busy for my family.  We have a few birthdays, my alumni chapter’s major fundraiser, and HALLOWEEN!

Yes, we’re the weird family at the end of the street who goes all out for Halloween! We usually decorate and have friends over for snacks, drinks, and trick-or-treating.  Sometimes we’ll even play a “scary” movie.  This year, I think we’ll watch the latest Purge movie.

Speaking of The Purge, I want you to join me in having a closet purge! If you’re anything like me, you’ve accumulated lots of items over the years.  In my case, the clothes are spread out between a few closets, drawers, and even in vacuum-seal storage bags.  I would be embarrassed to admit this, but at least I’m acknowledging I have a problem…and coming up with a solution!

Here’s the idea. This October, we’re going to PURGE!!! Instead of chasing neighbors with chainsaws, we’ll be cutting down on the clutter in our closets.  Next, we’ll donate the clothes to a local charity.  I won’t specify the charity because you probably know the best place to donate in your city.

I’ll be posting about my progress throughout the month.  Happy Purging!

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