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The Purge: Getting Started

Purging may sound overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ll give you a few of my tips, then I’ll give you a link to my Pinterest board that has advice from people who have actually done this!

  1. Don’t try to do every room at once.  Take it one space at a time.
  2. Go for the low-hanging fruit. Do you have clothes in bags that you already meant to give away? Start there.
  3. You know what you haven’t worn in a while…try those things on and see if they still fit. If they don’t, think about whether you will REALLY ever wear it again.
    1. Whether you realize it or not, your style has probably changed over the years. Also, what was trendy a few years ago may not be right now. We can talk about purchasing “classic” pieces another time, but for now let those old clothes go.
  4. Are there some items that have tags attached or were worn once, but just don’t work for you? Place those into a separate pile to possibly sell.
    1. I sell mine on Poshmark…follow me @lrh_on_posh.
  5. Make a decision and don’t look back.  Donate those bags right away so you don’t change your mind. Don’t let them sit in the corner again…that’s how we got here, right?

Alright, as promised here’s the link to my Pinterest board with more advice on how to purge, declutter, and organize.

Happy Purging!

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