The Handy Homemaker


Our baby turned TWO this week! We’re having a party with family and friends this weekend, but we still wanted to do something special for him on his actual birthday.  I’m still a relatively new to this, so I tried out my “crafty mom” skills.

I’ve often seen kids wearing super cute, specialized birthday shirts.  However, we’re not exactly that kind of family…we like to keep things relatively simple.  I did want my big boy to wear something special that day, so here’s what I did.

Iron-on Art. This was the easiest project…but of course I found it a little difficult! lol I know the directions are on the back of the packaging, but I STILL had to consult YouTube to be sure.  I think I thought I should be able to iron over the whole thing and the number would just stick on…but of course, I had to peel it off first. Don’t ask. I tend to over-complicate things sometimes.

The night before his birthday, I prepped snacks to take to his weekly Story Time group.  Since I don’t know what other parents allow their kids to have, and I wanted to make sure everyone could have a snack, I brought a variety of items.

  • Individual Packs of Goldfish Crackers
  • Mandarin Oranges
  • Iced Sugar Cookies
  • Bottled Water (8oz)

Once again, I wanted to be the fun, crafty mom…so I started decorating the oranges.

Yes, that’s a tiger! Thanks, Pinterest!

Here’s the thing though…these are the only two I decorated! *face palm*  I didn’t make it far for two reasons — 1. I wasn’t sure how others felt about Sharpie markers on their kid’s food.   2. I didn’t feel like taking that kind of time for a group of toddlers.  Hope you enjoyed the picture!

Next, after the kid was asleep, I blew up a few balloons and hung a “Happy Birthday” banner in the kitchen.  We tend to keep everything, so I had extra balloons and this banner from his 1st birthday. I quickly threw the balloons into his room (didn’t want to wake him), and he had a fun surprise when he woke up!



Yall, my two-year-old honestly doesn’t need anything more than a few balloons to have a good time! Even still, we pried him away from the balloons to go to Story Time.


After the library, we had lunch and went to the zoo!


As you can see, we had a FULL day! Surprisingly, the boy still wasn’t tired after all that activity. He ended up watching his favorite movie, Black Panther, until it was time for bed.

Happy Birthday!!!


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