Meal Ideas

Frying Alternatives

We all enjoy fried food, right? If you choose to prepare fried food, how many of you enjoy that fried food smell that’s left in your kitchen? *crickets* Exactly, that’s definitely not my favorite part. Oh, there’s also that whole thing about fried foods not being the healthiest…but honestly that hasn’t been my main concern! lol Whatever the reason, I think it’s good to have some cooking alternatives that can rival frying.

I received an air fryer for Christmas, so I’ve enjoyed trying it out and seeing what all really cooks well in the machine. Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

  • Frozen, breaded okra –> Eh, wouldn’t recommend it.
  • Frozen hash brown patties –> Pretty good results.
  • Fresh Brussels sprouts –> Good results, but I need to work on my method.
I also added a little olive oil.

So yeah, that was my attempt at Crispy Brussels Sprouts…I think it needs sauce.

I wanted to “fry” some chicken wings in the air fryer, but I realized the fryer’s basket was too small. The amount of time and batches it would take just didn’t make sense for a quick meal. Therefore, I went with old faithful…oven frying!

Oven cooking in general is my jam…but oven frying is definitely a handy cooking method when I don’t want to deep fry. Here’s how I prepared my chicken wings.

First I preheated the oven to 450 degrees, and lined a baking sheet with foil. I used a baking rack (coated in cooking spray) so that any liquids could drip away from the chicken during the cooking process.

I used fresh chicken wings and cut them into pieces. I wanted to keep the seasoning pretty simple this time, so I only used Sazon Perfecta, pepper and olive oil. Looking back, some extra salt wouldn’t have hurt! lol

Think about this for a second. How much do you usually pay for 20 chicken wings? I’m talking about “buffalo” wings, not whole wings. I think a 20-piece is $12.99 or more at most of the restaurants I frequent. Now look up there at that price…$7.84 for over 4lbs of wings! Preparing wings at home is definitely worth it!

I let the wings bake for 30 minutes at 450 degrees. About half-way through the cooking time, I flipped the wings to make sure there was even cooking.

In the end, the wings were firm and juicy just like they would be if I fried them “naked.” Since I sprayed the baking rack and lined the pan with foil, cleanup was pretty easy too!

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