Is It Fall Yet? I Made Chili!

I know, according to the Almanac, Fall technically started September 22nd. However, I live in Alabama…and we’re still having to deal with days where temperatures reach over 90 degrees! I figure if I cook enough Fall-appropriate foods the weather will catch the hint. Here’s an easy chili recipe in case you’re ready for cool weather too!

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Let’s Just Work with This

This past weekend I wanted to make another easy Game-day dinner with fun beverage.  I decided on Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches and my go-to margaritas. The thing is, neither recipe went the way you might think.

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Are You Maintaining Your Tools?

Have you ever been trying to complete a task, but it was taking longer than usual? Were you less effective than you’d like to be? Did you think that perhaps you just weren’t doing it right? Did you consider that the tool may be the problem?

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